Please contact me for PDF copies of the following publications.

Spencer E.T., Dick, K., Collier, C.,…et al. (in prep). Snapper/grouper fisher perceptions of electronic reporting in the South Atlantic.

Ballantine, W.M., Guo, J., Merchel, T., Koppelmann, C., Spencer, E.T., … John F. Bruno (in prep). Mercury concentration in swordfish purchased in North Carolina.

Spencer E.T., Richards E., Steinwand B., Clemons J., Dahringer J., … Bruno J.F. (2020). A high proportion of red snapper sold in North Carolina is mislabeled. PeerJ 8:e9218

Korzik, M. L., Austin, H. M., Cooper, B., Jasperse, C., Tan, G., Richards, E., Spencer, E.T., … Bruno, J. F. (2020). Marketplace shrimp mislabeling in North Carolina. PloS One, 15(3), 6–13.

Spencer, E. T., & Bruno, J. F. (2019). Fishy Business : Red Snapper Mislabeling Along the Coastline of the Southeastern United States. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6(August), 1–7.

Smith, W. O., Delizo, L. M., Herbolsheimer, C., & Spencer, E. (2017). Distribution and abundance of mesozooplankton in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Polar Biology, 40(12), 2351–2361.

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