Movement and behavior of great hammerhead sharks and associated prey

We’re using biologgers and muscle analysis to learn more about movement of these top predators and their prey animals. Understanding more about their basic biology will help us predict how they might respond to future climate change conditions.

See a clip from a Nat Geo Shark Fest TV documentary about our work, World’s Largest Hammerhead?

Mislabeling of red snapper in the Southeastern United States

Seafood mislabeling is a widespread problem and threatens human health, the economy, and the environment. Red snapper is one of the most frequently mislabeled species, and our study of mislabeling in the Southeastern US found a mislabeling rate of 72.6%.

See the winning 3 Minute Thesis presentation on this study below!

Community-based invasive species management

From lionfish in Florida to rats in Fiji, people are taking interesting and unusual measures to fight back against invasive species. Launched in 2015, the Invasive Species Initiative sought to document stories of people taking action in their own communities. Learn more on the ISI website.


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