Erin T. Spencer

Marine ecologist, science writer, & fish nerd

Hi there! I am a marine ecologist with a passion for conservation and outreach. I’m currently a PhD candidate in the Predator Ecology and Conservation lab at Florida International University, where I study predator/prey dynamics and movement of great hammerhead sharks. Prior to that, I received my MS from the University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill where I studied seafood mislabeling and red snapper management in the South Atlantic.

Please contact me if you want to chat, I’d love to hear from you!

Image credit for header: Rachel Pryke, Angari Foundation


I’m interested in a wide range of topics in marine fisheries and conservation.


Check out recent pieces from Ocean Conservancy, National Geographic, and more.


From TEDx to Skype a Scientist, I am passionate about public speaking and outreach.